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Twosday 22:21

Bonjour! Hej! Hello! I’m Max, which is short for Machary. Please call me Machary it’s really funny.

I wanted to publish the shiny new site at 22:22, for the fancy 2022-02-22-22-22 timestamp, but as you can see from the timestamp on this post I’m not going to finish writing in time. It would have been a hollow victory anyway, as all the dates on this site are entered manually. I actually set the time to be one minute off purely to spite you personally.

Often when I see someone doing something cool, I go: “Hey that’s pretty neat.” Some people would stop there, but then I go: “I want to try that”. This would be totally fine, except I think everything is pretty neat! This leaves me with a big list of things to do and not enough time to do them because I’m too busy doing them, meaning they just don’t get done.

Fortunately, the problem is the solution! A few months ago I stumbled upon I thought it was pretty neat, and thus this site was born. Much like Tiny Projects, this site is a place for me to explore and document my dumbass ideas. I figured if I had somewhere to put a project once it’s done, I’d be more motivated to see it to the end. This also extends to webcomics, something I’ve had a growing interest in over the past few years. I think they’re pretty neat! Which means, if you haven’t been paying attention, that I’d like to try it out myself.

To summarise, This comic by Alex Norris:

The pink blob stands at the center of a storm. A storm concocted of abstractions of responsibility. A twister of yellow cards emblazoned with one word and one word only. Work. Through the din their stoic gaze pierces your soul and you hear their words echo in your mind. 'I am so busy'. And just like that it is over. The second panel commences. Work is piled high, but sitting firmly, unmoving. The pink blob stands aside, regarding the tower with an emotionless stare. They make their announcement: 'I will now enjoy some relaxing leisure time'. Then they are off. The final act is here. The pink blob stands amidst a familliar scene. A twister. Abstractions of concept. Cards engraved with a single word. This time brown, not yellow, muddied with passion. It is clear these are hobbies. Work by another name, hiding under the pretense of satisfaction and self improvement. The pink blob, seemingly unperturbed, except for their final cry: 'oh no'.

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